Genius 3D mammography with C-View

Faster and lower dose Genius 3D mammography exams are now possible with the C-View software

Genius 3D mammography from the Selenia Dimensions system has changed the paradigm of mammography. Now Hologic has advanced 3D mammography even further with the ability to reconstruct 2D images from  the 3D data set. Therefore, no 2D exposure is needed.
While the dose of a Genius 3D Mammography screening exam in combo mode is under the MQSA and EUREF limits and deemed safe, C-View software makes low does Genius 3D mammography exams possible with the use of tomoHD mode. Low-dose Genius 3D mammography exams offer superior clinical performance for all breast types compared with 2D alone, comparable to combo mode’s performance.12-13
Now the low dose Genius 3D mammogram exam takes just 3.7 seconds per view resulting in greater patient comfort and a reduced chance of patient motion.
C-View 2D images may be used in place of traditional 2D images as a part of the Genius 3D mammography screening exam. 2D images created from the C-View software are reviewed together with the 3D slices to make a clinical decision or diagnosis.

Improved patient care

Benefits of a Genius Low-dose 3D Mammography exam:
• Superior clinical performance to 2D alone at a lower patient radiation dose,
12-13 making the 3D mammography service’s dose lower than the U.S. average screening exam 
• Shorter scan time results in less compression time and improved patient comfort 
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